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NATURFOOD canned food is essential in daily diet. It is cheaper than other meals, do not wear chemical preservatives and are an ideal complement to prepare professional recipes.

Cans and jars are made of recyclable aluminium, glass or PET. Cans are protected inside by a layer of insulating material, which, together with the air evacuation process, make it one of the most environmentally friendly and durable food storage methods.

Canned products are made ​​from fresh raw materials that undergo a specific thermal process, which retains its properties (oils, vegetables, etc.) or even increases it (fish, pickles, etc.).

Fresh will always contain more vitamins than canned, but the level of minerals usually increases in preserved, for example, sodium can reach fivefold compared to fresh foods.

In oily canned fish, the concentration of beneficial omega-3 oils and vitamin B3 is higher, as a result of adding vegetable oils, helping our body to reduce cholesterol levels and allowing a better assimilation of proteins.

Moreover, it is a good way to enjoy food that otherwise we would not eat and allows us a better diet planning over time without worrying about food proper preservation.

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